Pantheon offers a full line of bubble wrap and protective bubble products. Bubble packaging is very lightweight, durable packaging material that’s great for wrapping products and for void fillers.

Bubble Wrap

Utilize bubble wrap general purpose bubble for light to medium weight, semi-rough products with short or expected distribution runs.

  • For products that need surface protection, interleaving, cushioning and void-fill.
  • We carry bubble wrap in all sizes and can be custom made with any perforations or slits.
  • Comes in bubble mailers, anti-static, Adhesive bubble wrap, bubble bags, rolls and pouches

Foam Packaging

Foam packaging comes in bags, micro foam, rolls and more.
A low density polyethylene foam that traps millions of miniature air cells in a blanket of air.

  • Gentle on your products and gentle on the environment. 
  • Reusable and recyclable.
  • Resistant to tears, punctures and moisture.
  • CFC/HFC free

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Bubble Wrap Foam

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