​Our wide-ranging flexible packaging product line includes polyolefin shrink film, shrink bundling film, newsprint, poly tubing, poly sheeting, poly bags, pallet covers and supermarket film. We have relationships with many national plastic manufacturers. 

All polyolefin shrink film,shrink bundling film and supermarket films are FDA and USDA approved. Any other poly product can also be made FDA approved.

Polyolefin shrink film is used in many applications including wrapping DVDs, CDs, food, toys, gift baskets and auto parts.

Available in 10”-20” widths and 60-100 gauge.

  • Great puncture resistance for irregular shaped products
  • Can be used with virtually any shrink machine. Wont buckle or distort soft and lightweight products
  • Conforms to hard-to-package products like stationery, textiles and software
  • High gloss and excellent clarity
  • Multi layer, biaxially oriented

Shrink bundling film is up to three times the strength of shrink film. 

  • Bundle or bulk pack items such as beverage cases, water bottles or cleaning supplies.
  • Extremely tough and puncture resistant
  • Used primarily on machines with heat tunnels

Poly Bags & Pallet Covers

We have a large assortment of stock poly bags. Custom bags are also our specialty. Whatever bag you need we can make it if it’s not already stocked. Pallet covers of various sizes are also stock.

Special blend of poly which includes Metallocene provides strength at lower gauges.

  • Available in UVI to protect products outside                                         
  • Custom colors available
  • Vent Holes
  • Anti Static

Poly sheeting provides economical, outstanding protection from debris, moisture and dirt.
We offer it in Fire Retardant, Clear and Black.

  • Resists acids, oils and greases
  • No cracking or peeling
  • Covers warehouse machinery, lumber, scaffolding 

Poly Tubing allows you to make bags to fit objects of same width but different lengths.

  • Can be heat sealed, stapled or taped at one or both ends
  • Manufactured with 100% virgin low density polyethylene
  • Coated on one side for printing
  • FDA and USDA approved

Autobag qwick fill bags, air pillows. In stock.

Supermarket Film in clear or tint

PVC Supermarket Film Applications:

  • Meat
  • Produce
  • Deli
  • Bakery

Custom Plastics ​




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