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Pantheon offers convenient and one stop shopping as we carry the broadest line of strapping in a multitude of widths, colors, break strengths, and core sizes. We have the most complete product line of strapping solutions from the most basic manual tools, to the largest engineered strapping systems for tremendously challenging applications.



  • For medium to heavy duty applications
  • Machine grade
  • Painted and waxed
  • High demand sizes of steel strap - 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1-1/4". AAR approved on certain products
  • Packaged in white wax impregnated corrugated shrouds
  • Shroud can be lifted to pack appropriate seals with strap for shipping


  • Split Resistant                                        
  • Flexible - Low Cost
  • Machine and Hand Grade


  • For all applications - light, medium and heavy duty
  • Broadest selection - sizes, colors, and footages
  • Competitive prices
  • Highest quality
  • Machine and Hand Grade

Tools & Accessories

Plastic Tools

  • Manual Plastic Sealers
  • Filter Regulators
  • Strapping Dispensers
  • Power Sealess Combination Tools
  • Pneumatic friction weld tool

Steel Tools

  • Pneumatic Sealer & Tensioner Manual Sealess Tool
  • Hand Sealers
  • Strapping Shears


  • Sisal & Synthetic Twine
  • Paper & Plastic Twist-Ties
  • Cable Ties
  • Seals & Buckles

Strapping Equipment

  • We have complete strapping systems available. We have partnered with Polychem, one of the country’s top manufacturers of strapping systems. We have service technicians for on-site installation, service and support. Technicians are available for phone support with troubleshooting any machine problem and for ordering original replacement parts.

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